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JEANIE LINDERS (Writer/Producer) is best known as the writer and producer of Menopause The Musical® and is a passionate voice for a generation of women facing more than just hot flushes. Her work in entertainment spans three decades, but finding ways to help women over 40 connect and support one another is what she focuses on now.

Linders has been involved in the arts for the last 30 years. For 10 years, she was president/CEO of an advertising agency that specialized in entertainment and hospitality accounts. Concurrently, she launched an events marketing and management firm, producing a full gamut of shows from A Conversation with Cary Grant to multistage music festivals featuring hundreds of performers from Ella and Mel to B.B., James, and Miles. Her festival mania was launched through her work for George Wein, the daddy of the Newport, New Orleans, and all other great jazz festivals. Linders has served as an arts development consultant in Florida, California, North Carolina, and Arkansas: she launched Orlando's first arts complex and incubator housing 125 visual artists and 30 performing arts groups.
She was an advance PR roadie for Michael Jackson's film crew for the Victory Tour, developed the Belize Performing and Visual Arts Consortium, plus worked for Francis Ford Coppola's Blancaneaux Lodge in Central America. She taught high school in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and has served as a columnist/correspondent for outlets as diverse as the Chicago Tribune, the Sun-Times, the Boston Globe, and Variety.
It’s been said that Linders wrote the world-famous Menopause The Musical® “after a bottle of wine and a hot flush.” While somewhat true, parodying songs has always come naturally to Linders. She recalls standing in front of her freezer on her way out the door to an event in a formal gown singing “Hot Flush,” to Rod Stewart’s Hot Legs. As she sat in the audience of Beach Blanket Babylon (another parody show in its 30th year), she looked around at the laughing faces that surrounded her and thought “I could do this!”
So, she went home and did.

Menopause The Musical® opened in Orlando, Florida, in March of 2001 in a perfume shop converted into a theatre. To date, the show has been seen by nearly 9 million women in 11 countries and continues to grow. The musical has been credited with bringing the topics of aging and menopause to the forefront; however, it is just the beginning for Linders. A passionate voice for her generation, Linders has used the popularity of the show to reach and connect women all over the world.

Her Entertainment to Empowerment Foundation, Jeanie Linders Charitable Fund, and me* Magazine are just three of the things Linders has founded to help achieve her mission to give a voice to women of the baby boomer generation, women in developing countries, women suffering from ovarian cancer, and others.

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